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Submitted on
December 7, 2012


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Please read everything before entering.


What does that mean?

The contest is centered on accurately portraying both Sirens and History and combining them together. You’re to choose a culture, race, civilization, etc in history and place a Siren into it. You may want to think of a few things when doing this- how would that effect human life? How would a Siren fit in into their daily rituals? Would they be only for royalty, would they be a common pet for everyone? Would they have them fight, would they use them to execute prisoners or gladiators? How would people dress/accessorize them, if at all? You can portray this in many ways. Draw a simple picture of a Siren standing dressed extravagantly or draw them doing a certain action, maybe with their human partner? Write a day in the life of a Pharaoh’s pet Siren! There’s an unlimited amount of possibilities. (yes, you may use any of those suggestions.)

As for which civilizations exactly you can make, it’s essentially unlimited. It must be mostly accurate to human history (after all we will be throwing fictional beasts in, so it won’t be 100% perfect) and as long as it takes place BEFORE the year 1700 you’re all set. That means you can’t draw a disco Siren, but you can do Aztec, Egyptian, Japanese, Greek, Chinese, Indian, Native American, British, whatever! Be creative. If you have a question on what civilizations you can do, please ask Schadenfruede and she will tell you if it’s allowed (but not give an opinion). What you want to do is pick a group of people in one point of time that had their own culture and incorporate Sirens into it. Very simple.


This is more of a visual contest, so I want to see ART. Drawings, traditional or digital, sculptures, crafts- you name it.

You may enter LITERATURE pieces as well (or a combination of visual/written). I will warn you though, it will be a bit difficult for you if you choose this route. Your knowledge of history and sirens must be sharp and if you so much as make one mistake in your writing we will catch it! There is no requirement/limit on length but the more you write and how well done/enthralling it is will determine if your piece is prize-worthy. Grammar isn’t TOO important- as long as spelling is correct and it reads well you’ll do fine.


:bulletblack: In order to enter you must be a member of dA and post your entry here TO deviantart, then submit it to the “HISTORY SIRENS CONTEST” folder of this club.… If your entry is not in the folder and completed by the time the deadline has passed your entry will not be counted. The folder will be closed on the deadline so don’t even try. You do NOT have to be a member of sirens-plus to enter.
:bulletred: The civilization you choose MUST be before the year 1700. Any after will disqualify you.
:bulletblack: All questions are to be directed towards Schadenfruede, but note: she will not answer any history questions, give any personal opinions, tell you what you should do, redline your art, or anything of the sort. If you have a question about Sirens, however, she WILL answer that.
:bulletred: Copying, heavily referencing, or tracing existing art is an immediate disqualification. We want you to start from scratch and be creative! Using photos of dogs or horses/whatever to help is fine, but if we find that you’ve copied or traced you will not only be unable to compete, we’ll likely report you for theft.
:bulletblack: The same goes for ideas. If someone does something you were planning to do, I suggest tweaking a few things to make yours stand out. If you suspect copying or theft, please note Schadenfruede
:bulletred: Be NICE to your fellow contestants and admins. Polite wins, rude gets your ass banned. If you don’t place and you throw a fit and are anything but a good sport you will be banned from the group and making sirens entirely, and possibly blocked. No questions asked. We will not tolerate childish behavior for a fun event.
:bulletblack: You have to make new art for the contest, not use an old piece. Using old characters is okay, using other peoples’ characters is okay (you should probably ask permission), and creating new ones for the contest is pretty cool too.
:bulletred: You can enter as many times as you wish, but may only win ONCE for ONE piece. Entering a lot isn’t going to increase your chances of winning. Quality over quantity!
:bulletblack: Collabs are not allowed. Photo manipulation is not allowed. Stock photos are not allowed. Backgrounds you have not made yourself are not allowed. This is a contest about you and your art, not you and your art and that one stock brush moon you used in the background because you don’t know how to draw moons.
:bulletred: The contest is specifically about Sirens, and requires a Siren to be the main subject, but you are free to add any other species from the club. Hellsteeds, gorgons, etc. You may find references for all of these here:…  The only creatures off-limits are Henge, Sirin, Birdfoxes, or any other creatures that DO NOT have a reference.



Colored Sketch + Colored Sketch Bust (Digital) by Schadenfruede
Full Picture (Digital) by CynicalDeductionist
Flat Color (Digital/Pixel Option) + Chibi (Pixel) by MetalHyena
Sketch (Digital) by Pure-Decay
Full Picture + Colored Sketch (Digital) by MalinSama
Full Picture (Traditional) by Freedom-of-my-Soul
Full Picture (Digital) by PsychoStatik
Flat Picture Slightly Animated (Digital) by NativeWolf330
Full Chibi (Digital) by Migoto-Ookami
Lineart (Traditional) by oceanewolfe
300 points donated by MalinSama (250) and JourneytoRevenge (50)


Sketch (Digital) by Schadenfruede
Full Half Body (Digital) by CynicalDeductionist
Flat Full (Digital) by MetalHyena
Sketch (Digital) by Pure-Decay
Badge Bust (Digital) by MalinSama
Full Picture (Traditional) by Freedom-of-my-Soul
Full Chibi (Digital) by Migoto-Ookami
Sketch (Traditional/Digital Option) oceanewolfe
Full Picture (Traditional) by horseanimegirl101


Full Chibi (Digital) by Migoto-Ookami
Icon (Digital) by oceanewolfe
FUll Bust (Traditional) by TheDragonGirl123
Full Bust (Digital) by CynicalDeductionist
Sketch (Digital) by Jahpan
Colored Sketch (Digital) by MalinSama
Full Bust (Traditional) by Freedom-of-my-Soul


:iconschadenfruede: and :icondeer-guts: will be the only judges- none of the other group admins are involved and thus can compete. Note that deer-guts is merely a judge and you should not direct questions towards her.

We’re looking for accuracy, creativity, effort, and of course talent/skill. To be fair neither of us are college professors or anything and most of Schad’s knowledge will be from what she gets from google, so as long as you keep it mostly to the book and don’t give the Egyptians laser guns you should be fine.


The contest starts today, December 7th, 2012, and ends February 1st, 2013. (extensions are possible but unlikely)

Alright, I think that’s about it. Take your time, be creative, and have fun! Hell if it’s good enough you could probably use it for a history project or something.

(hopefully everything checks out okay, I re-read it like once)
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I'll see if I'll be able to complete something by then XD
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sounds cool. I'm not sure if I'll enter, but I am eager to see the entries!
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